Collection: Hot Water Bottle Cover

🌟 Introducing Our Cozy Wearable Hot Water Bottle Covers! 🌟

Keep warm in style with our delightful hot water bottle covers. Crafted for comfort and functionality, these covers are designed to elevate your cozy moments. Here’s why you’ll love them:

Warmth Where You Need It:
The front of the hot water bottle pouch features thermal insulation quilting, directing the heat toward your body. Say goodbye to chilly nights!

🔥 Front Comfort: Our cover features a quilted front, combining thermal insulation with a soft polar fleece. Imagine wrapping yourself in a warm hug—the front ensures your hot water bottle radiates heat directly to you.

🌿 Back Bliss: On the back, we’ve thoughtfully quilted cotton wadding. Why? To let that comforting warmth reach you even more effectively. Say goodbye to chilly nights—the heat stays with you.

Customizable Fit:
An adjustable neck strap ensures a snug fit, while the elastic waistband strap provides comfort. It stretches up to 120cm (that’s 50 inches!)—perfect for layering over bulky clothing after a refreshing ocean dip. 🌊

Hand-Warming Bliss:
Slip your hands into the super-soft fleece-lined kangaroo pocket—a cozy nook for chilly fingers.

Easy Access and Secure Closure:
The rear envelope fold opening allows quick access to your hot water bottle for filling or emptying.
A discreet button keeps everything securely closed.

Core Warmth, Front and Center:
Designed to be worn on your front, our hot water bottle pouch targets your core for maximum warmth.

Quality Materials:
Crafted from a blend of cotton, cotton/polyester wadding, thermal insulating compressed polyester wadding, polyester shearling fleece, and soft elastic.
Machine washable on a gentle cycle or hand wash. Hang it to dry, and a quick iron will restore its shape.

🌟 Customer Love 🌟
“OMG, I LOVE my hot water bottle cover! Thank you so much!” 😍
“Cover arrived—it’s fantastic! Love it. Thank you so much!” 🙌
“Can’t wait to use it!” 🌟

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All items in stock are dispatched within 0-2 days. Most orders ship on the same day, but over the weekend, it may take up to 2 days.

Stay warm, stay cozy, and embrace the comfort of UphouseCrafts! 🌿🔥