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Uphouse Crafts

Handmade Cotton Orca Keyring - Purple Grey Blue

Handmade Cotton Orca Keyring - Purple Grey Blue

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Handmade Cotton Orca Keyring - Grey Purle & Blue

The Uphouse Crafts handmade cotton Orca keyring is perfect for if you don’t like the feel of metal on your hands, or you don’t like holing keys in your hands. The fabric loop lets you slip your fingers through and feel the soft cotton that never feels to cold like metal can.

They are great for car keys so you tell different cars apart, or to add to kids backpacks so they can tell there backpack apart from others. Likewise you could attach them to luggage to tell them apart from everyone else.  They make perfect small gifts, teacher gifts etc.

They are available in baby blue, purple blue and greyish blue.

Each handmade cotton keyring is made from cotton measuring 2.5cm wide and 9cm long and can be had washed.

They are handmade in Shetland by Uphouse Crafts.

All my products are handmade on mainland Shetland.

The Fabric placement will differ between items due to their handmade nature.

Uphouse Crafts is a small business based in Shetland that makes beautiful yet practical accessories for you are your home.  They are perfect for gifts for you or a loved one and come in various price points.  You will be sure to find something that fits your needs and budget.  
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