Collection: Fabric Tubs

Check out the new Fabric Tubs, part of the Tub Family (designed by RosieTaylorCrafts).  Each one is unique and full of character.

These Fabric Tubs are handmade with recycled fabric scraps, including fabric selvedges for a touch of pizzazz and ethical fabric use. By incorporating selvedges, we're saving fabrics from ending up in a landfill, giving them a new purpose.

The fabric tubs can be used for many purposes - small toys, makeup, sewing notions, mini rubbish bin/trash can, bathroom tidy, bedside tidy and many more.  They would also make lovely gifts with a few extras added such as sweets, toiletries or items the person would use.

• Get them in small, medium, and large sizes:
 - Small - 10.5cm W x 8.5cm H
 - Medium - 14.5cm W x 11.5cm H
 - Large - 19cm H x 13.5cm H
• After trying it out, I've discovered that the medium tub can hold 2 small tubs, and the large tub can fit 2 medium tubs.