Collection: Zip Pouches

Uphouse Crafts offers a diverse selection of zip pouches suitable for every occasion.

  • Mini Zip Pouch  - which makes a perfect coin purse or emergency kit
  • Make Up Bag - which can be used for a make up bag or pencil case.  The uses for these usefull bags are endless.
  • Notepad Pencil Case - these are the perfect option if you use a diary or journal and like to keep track of your pens.  They are make great gifts for kids, teens, teachers and stationary enthusiatsts.
  • Round Wing Purse - a perfect alteranitve to taking a large bag or purse out with you.  You can also use it as an emergency kit in your handbag or car.
  • Denim Book Bag - these are a long lasting upcycled pouch that is an alternative to plastic book bags.  This pouch will last for a long time, and because its made with old jeans you will know that you have saved the denim from landfill and given it a new and usefull life.
  • Sew Together Bag - is the ultimate craft organization accessory. Ideal for knitters, sewers, and embroiderers, it keeps all your essentials in one convenient place, ready for when you need them.